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Community Clean Energy Solutions
Our passion is to expand clean energy product access to under-served communities, particularly in Developing Asia, Africa and Latin America. There a plenty of clean energy product solutions and we know there is a significant demand for appropriate, affordable and quality clean energy product by local enterprises. We believe that a key factor in expanding energy access is being able to bridge the gap between product inventors and manufacturers and local clean energy enterprises. It is for this reason that, in addition to products, we also offer supporting global trading services.
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The SOLAGEO Clean Energy Products Marketplace is an initiative of Trade Without Borders, a global social enterprise that is committed to, as its slogan states, Sustainable Development Through Inclusive Trade.

about Solgeo


Our ultimate objective is to enable Small and Medium Clean Energy Enterprises operating within under-served communities in Developing Asia, Africa, and Latin America to more easily gain access to quality, affordable and appropriate clean energy products that can improve the daily livelihoods within their communities.

The SOLAGEO Clean Energy Products Marketplace, as any marketplace, includes products for sale, of course. However, our aim is to have a thriving, global marketplace where the supporting services to enable trade of clean energy products across borders are also available. Most importantly, it is the people who visit and participate in the marketplace that enliven it and give it its energy – pun intended.


The core SOLAGEO team is a diverse group of individuals with a common passion to create a positive impact in our fragmented world by building a single, global platform to facilitate clean energy access for under-served communities. Our Hong Kong based team is an eclectic group with diverse skill sets that we have combined to make the SOLAGEO Clean Energy Products Marketplace a reality.

Given the scope and scale of the need for clean energy in many developing regions of the world, we firmly believe that the challenge in expanding clean energy access on a large and global scale can only be achieved with collaboration among many like-minded individuals, organizations, institutions and governments, among others. Our objective is to create a comprehensive and practical platform to enable such collaboration. As such, we expect that “Who We Are” will continue to evolve over time, and we look forward to this evolution.


  • Joseph Fernandez Joseph Fernandez

    Almost 20 years of experience providing global trading services to clients such as Wal-Mart (U.S.A.), Tesco (U.K.), and Bajaj Electricals (India). Over 5 years experience in the off-grid clean energy sector. Expert advisor to a graduate Energy & Environment team at Columbia University. Social Enterprise Lecturer at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. SOCAP Social Entrepreneur Scholarship recipient, MBA & MSc in Business IT

  • Roland Vilums Martin Bellamy

    Professional Engineer, Chartered Physicist and a leading global expert on off-grid stand-alone solar PV systems. Product designs include Lighting Africa’s Product of the Year (2012) and the world’s first building-integrated off-grid lighting system. Specialist insight into Thin-Film PV, energy storage technology, data collection and user interface systems. BEng, CPhys, CEng, CSci, MIET, MIoP

  • David Lazar David Lazar

    A senior software engineer with over 10 years’ experience in development, specializing in web based projects, mobile app development, and online banking with strong ASP.Net VB.Net and C# coding skills. A proven track record of successful projects in banking, education, and on-line business applications. Professional design, development and implementation of solutions.

  • Toshiko Sawada Toshiko Sawada

    Operations: 20 years experience in various capacities with companies in Japan and Hong Kong including Doshisha (major Japanese trading house), Decathlon (French sports gear retailer), Ricoh (Electronics) and Rawmart (online trading arm of the Noble Group)

  • Amanda Kho Amanda Kho

    Canadian born, California raised, Hong Kong based. International design, branding and photography experience in developing the visual identities of start-up companies.


To accelerate clean energy access to under-served communities in Developing Asia, Africa and Latin America


To add value throughout the global value chain for clean energy products from global manufacturers and inventors to local micro, small and medium clean energy enterprises in developing regions of the world.


  • We work with networks of local clean energy enterprises and, first and foremost, seek to understand their clean energy product needs
  • We then work directly with manufacturers to procure appropriate, affordable and quality clean energy products.
  • We qualify the manufacturers to ensure they can consistently manufacture quality products while adhering to international standards in their operations.
  • We qualify the products to ensure they comply to internationally recognized safety standards
  • We support inventors of proprietary clean energy products to scale up the manufacturing of their products in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.
  • We bring the products we procure, as well as those from select proprietary product suppliers, into one online marketplace providing one-stop for a comprehensive portfolio of appropriate, affordable and quality clean energy products.
  • We extend the supporting global trading services, including quality control, logistics, and import certification and documentation to facilitate the global value chain for clean energy products.
  • We leverage Information and Communications Technologies to effectively manage global value chain operations so as to better serve small and dispersed networks of clean energy enterprises globally.
  • We seek feedback on the products supplied and our services from the local enterprises so we can ensure we are best meeting their needs.
  • We hope to expand our services to provide greater access to financing resources that can further facilitate the flow of clean energy products to under-served communities.
  • We hope to partner with organizations that can help extend the education and training resources that would enable local enterprises to further scale up their operations and expand energy access in their local communities.
  • Ultimately, as a Social Enterprise, we strive for a triple bottom line of social, economic and environmental impact. Monitoring and assessing that impact as best as we can, given the global reach of our operations, will, nevertheless, be an on-going commitment.