Expanding clean energy access to underserved markets
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trading services
Our passion is to expand clean energy product access to under-served communities, particularly in Developing Asia, Africa and Latin America. There a plenty of clean energy product solutions and we know there is a significant demand for appropriate, affordable and quality clean energy product by local enterprises. We believe that a key factor in expanding energy access is being able to bridge the gap between product inventors and manufacturers and local clean energy enterprises. It is for this reason that, in addition to products, we also offer supporting global trading services.
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Financing options
While we are not a finance institution, our passion is to extend clean energy product access for which financing is essential.
By collectively pooling the financing needs of our members, we aim to provide our members with access to financing solutions that can best meet their needs.
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Shipment options
Our intent is to work with our members to best understand their shipping needs and to then propose the most viable and best value shipping options.
We have experience in handling all primary types of shipments and have established relationships with different shipping service providers with expertise in shipments to different regions of the world.
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Our Core Solar system components

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10W MonoCrystalline Solar Panel

*Number of mono crystalline cells: 36 (14.43/16.15mm)
* Maximum system voltage 600VDC
* Weight 1.17kg
* Product Size: 288*350*18mm
* Without cable

Our mobile charging devices

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6000mAh Solar Mobile Charger

Battery type:Li-Polymer
Input:Micro USB 5V 1000mA
Output:2*USB 5V 2100mA
Dimension: 130*76*16mm
High Capacity of 6000 mAh
Solar Energy
LED Light
Efficient solar charger circuit
Multiple protection electronics
circuit to ensure devices safety

Solar Powered LED Lighting

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Unite to Light Solar LED Light - UtL-1

*Lamp Type: High Output LED
* Light output :18.5 Lumens
* Light output after 2000 Hours:18.5 Lumens
* 1.2V Battery Voltage
* Battery Capacity: 1300 milliamp hours
* Charging Type: Photovoltaic
* Time in Sun for a Complete Charge : 10 hours in full sun
* Lighting Hours on a Full Charge : 7.5 hours
* More than 4 hours after 8 hour charge in full sun

Low voltage DC Appliances

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15.6'' HD LED TV

*Global Leap Award Finalist
*Average power consumption < 7.6W^
*Resolution:1366x768(H/V) (720p)
*Display: 16:9
*Color capacity: 262144
*Viewing Angle:90 /50(H/V)
*Frame Rate:60Hz

^Based on independent testing by Intertek U.K.

Our Solar Powered Generators

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1000W Solar Generator

* The 1000W Solar Generator includes a high-performance LiFePO Battery which lasts up to 5 times longer than standard lead-acid batteries.  
* It also includes a pure sine wave inverter providing direct AC output.
* An ideal solution for off-grid locations, or as a back-up power source for on-grid locations with frequent brownouts and blackouts
* In addition to providing power for LED lighting and mobile phone charging, it can even power a LED TV, small refrigerator or small fan for several hours.  
* Operating Usage Temp.: 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F)

Some of our clients

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