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Solar Systems

Decentralized solar systems are one of the best ways to extend clean energy access to millions living in off-grid communities.


10W MonoCrystalline Solar Panel

*Number of mono crystalline cells: 36 (14.43/16.15mm)
* Maximum system voltage 600VDC
* Weight 1.17kg
* Product Size: 288*350*18mm
* Without cable

2V 400Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery

*Cells Per Unit: 1
*Voltage Per Unit: 2V
*Capacity: 400Ah@10hr-rate to 1.80V per cell @25°C
*Weight: Approx. 26.0 Kg (Tolerance±2%)
*Product Size(mm): 211(L)*176(W)*366(H)
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Mobile Charging

There are more than 200 million people in off grid communities with mobile phones but no access to power to charge them. We offer mobile charging solutions specifically for off-grid communities.


2600mAh Mobile Power Bank

Battery Type:Li-polymer
Input:Micro USB 5V 1000mA(Max)
Output 2*USB 2100mA(Max)
*Mini LED Light by size of 25*27mm

USB Charger Set with Retractable Charge Cable

USB Retractable Charge Cable + 7 Connectors
* iPhone 30pins
* Mini-USB
* Samsung G600
* Samsung D800
* SE
* LG
* Nokia 6101

Optional USB Chargers:
1.0-2.1A USB Charger
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LED Lighting

LED solutions provide a cleaner, brighter and healthier source of lighting for millions living in the dark.



Unite to Light Solar LED Light - UtL-1

*Lamp Type: High Output LED
* Light output :18.5 Lumens
* Light output after 2000 Hours:18.5 Lumens
* 1.2V Battery Voltage
* Battery Capacity: 1300 milliamp hours
* Charging Type: Photovoltaic
* Time in Sun for a Complete Charge : 10 hours in full sun
* Lighting Hours on a Full Charge : 7.5 hours
* More than 4 hours after 8 hour charge in full sun
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DC Appliances

DC LED TVs, DC refrigerators and other low power appliances provide an energy efficient way to improve the quality of life for many.


15.6'' HD LED TV

*Global Leap Award Finalist
*Average power consumption < 7.6W^
*Resolution:1366x768(H/V) (720p)
*Display: 16:9
*Color capacity: 262144
*Viewing Angle:90 /50(H/V)
*Frame Rate:60Hz

^Based on independent testing by Intertek U.K.

50L DC Compressor Refrigerator

1. Compressor direct cooling
2. Cooling capacity: 0 – 10 °C
3. Auto-defrost
4. Soft interior LED light with on/off switch
5. Reversible door and adjustable foot
6. Metal cabinet
7. Foaming agent: Cyclopentane
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Solar Generators

Plug-and-play solar generators are ideal for homes and small businesses, and can help displace highly polluting diesel generators.


1000W Solar Generator

* The 1000W Solar Generator includes a high-performance LiFePO Battery which lasts up to 5 times longer than standard lead-acid batteries.  
* It also includes a pure sine wave inverter providing direct AC output.
* An ideal solution for off-grid locations, or as a back-up power source for on-grid locations with frequent brownouts and blackouts
* In addition to providing power for LED lighting and mobile phone charging, it can even power a LED TV, small refrigerator or small fan for several hours.  
* Operating Usage Temp.: 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F)

240W Solar Generator

* The 240W Solar Generator is a durable, portable solar energy system.  
* Incorporating a high-performance LiFePO battery that can last as much as 5 times longer than standard lead-acid batteries.  
* It is suitable for powering your LED lights, mobile phones, as well as various other electronic and small appliance devices.  
* Certifications:CE
* Optimal Usage Temp: 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F) 
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