Our Services

Identifying appropriate, affordable and quality clean energy products is just the first step for micro, small and medium enterprises in developing regions of the world. As they do not have the same resources as major importers or big box retailers in developed markets, getting those products delivered to their local communities is an equally daunting challenge. Accessing those products involves myriad intermediate processes, including quality assurance, product certification, export documentation, shipping, customs clearance and local delivery. As much as - or perhaps more important than - the products available on our online marketplace, we believe the services we extend to our clients and customers truly enable access to clean energy products.

Market Research

We presume we have a lot to learn about the daily clean energy product needs in local communities in developing regions of the world. So, do our clients and partners. To support a better understanding of local needs, we develop online market research tools so we can continue our learning and share the knowledge gained with others.

Product Procurement

While our primary focus is supporting the local enterprises we aim to serve, we also support various other organizations, including global NGOs, to procure appropriate, affordable and quality supplies for their projects.

Product Development

We work with a global clientele who have created disruptive inventions for under-served markets, and support the development of their solutions from product design, tooling, prototypes, and mass production.

Quality Assurance

A never-ending process to ensure consistent quality in products supplied, including pre-shipment inspections based on established AQL Levels.

Logistics Services

We coordinate and manage global courier, air freight and sea freight shipments, as well as the corresponding shipping documentation. Need assistance with warehousing and sample shipments out of China or Hong Kong? Trying to sort out Ex-factory, FOB, C&F, DAP, or DDP Inco terms? We may be able to help.

Global Trade Documentation

Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Conformity, MSDS, Declaration of Non Dangerous Cargo and more. Trade documentation can be confusing, time-consuming and an impedance to product access, yet very necessary in managing global trade flows.